Program Level - Graduate Certificate

Program Length - 30 weeks

Performance Objectives

  • Develop the ability to teach related information, manipulative operations and techniques.
  • Develop the ability to use various teaching aids, such as instruction sheets, visual aids and tests to provide information about the subjects being taught.
  • Develop the ability to determine the best applications of specific teaching techniques used by the vocational teacher in the working area and in the classroom.

Skills to Be Developed

  • Develop, through occupational experiences, personal characteristics that will enhance the cosmetology profession by producing quality students.
  • Develop lesson plans, outlines, procedures and tests that will insure student comprehension and instill the desire to learn in even the most difficult student.
  • Development of course content reflecting a comprehensive, correlated unit of study.
  • Development of instructional materials that will facilitate quick and easy set-up and preparation of a class.
  • Development of supplemental teaching aids that will give the student a variety of ideas from which to draw and maintain motivation.

Attitudes and Appreciations to be Developed

  • Learn to appreciate the necessity for constant effort toward the achievement of professional competency as a teacher.
  • Realize the importance of developing personal characteristics that contribute to success in teaching.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is a mechanism that reduces out-of-pocket costs that the student and/or the student’s parents must pay to obtain a specific postsecondary education.

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